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Users review: Home Sweet Hell is basically a dark comedy.Its not a comedy per se because it has jokes or funny situations. Its comed-ish because of the very efficient performances of the 2 leads, Heigl and Wilson. Thats what makes this movie tick in my opinion. The performances are exaggerated but they never become ridiculous. Even some weird and cartoon-ish grimaces delivered form Wilson.The music helps the movie a lot. It gives the proper tone especially when the movie take its dark turn.The direction is OK I guess but nothing to write home about it.The plot soon becomes evident, but there are some twists even after the final credits start to roll.Jim (not James!) Belushi is here too. Gives a professional performance in a rather small part.Overall: A low budget violent dark comedy that will keep you entertain because of the performances and the chemistry of the 2 leads. Good but nothing spectacular.

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Year: 2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Anthony Burns
Stars: Jordana Brewster, Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson
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