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Language: Eng
Runtime: 104 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Resolution: 704×480
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Users review: I have just spent 2 hour on buses and 1 hour on foot to a cinema to watch this movie, and it totally worth it.It is fun and I love it.I admit that there are something in the movie that is not logical or not realistic, but it can still be called a good comedy as long as you do not take all the things so seriously. Someone also mentioned that they are attracted by the trailer and are disappointed after watching it. What I shall say is that trailer does not exaggerate the fun point of the movie, I saw more fun spots in the movie which didnt shown in the trailer.If you just want to have fun, it is a good choice, but if you want a very logical/classic/perfect story, do not try this one.

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Two friends fight under the guise of police to become a costumed party and feeling area. But when these half-baked heroes get lost in the web of real gangsters and detectives dirty, they must give their fake badges on the line.
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy
Director: Luke Greenfield
Stars: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle
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