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Users review: The first thing I did after watching the film was check social media – was it just me or did everyone else agree this was a great flick? Happily it wasnt just me, I couldnt find a bad tweet. Yes, its an awkward topic, and not that Im a prude but I did have trepidations about going to see a movie about sexual fetishes. But actually, thats what gave it its humour, along with the incredible performances by not one, but every single cast member. At no time did I wish that we went back to one of the other story lines because each one was engaging in its own right. The film somehow manages to be light hearted and appealing to adults of all ages, while at the same time meandering through sophisticated undertones and delivering a few thought provoking messages. This is not just a fantastic example of Australian talent, it is a brilliant movie.

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Loosely associated with the life of people with taboo sexual fantasies and how it affects their lives.
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy
Director: Josh Lawson
Stars: Bojana Novakovic, Damon Herriman, Josh Lawson
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